Losing a loved one

Bassel Selwanes
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In the event of the unfortunate, the Thndr team will work hard to help the deceased’s inheritors navigate this difficult time.

To start the process, the inheritors must compile the documents mentioned in the documents checklist below.

Documents Checklist:

  • Inheritors ID
  • The deceased’s ID 
  • Death certificate (شهاده وفاه)
  • Decree of distribution (اعلام الوراثة).

Process Steps

1. Notify Thndr

The inheritors will be required to notify us by sending us a message on the Thndr app chat or an email to support@thndr.app

Please make sure to attach all the requirements from the documents checklist.

2. Visit MCDR

Prepare the documents mentioned in the documents checklist and visit Misr for Central Clearing, Depository and Registry (MCDR) to:

  • Print a statement of assets.
  • Determine the inheritance.

What happens next?

After finishing the first 2 steps, each asset class will be treated as follows:


Thndr will arrange handing over any cash in the deceased’s account to the inheritor.


Users will either be under custody of AUB or Thndr or in some cases, both. We will make sure you are aware which custodian you will deal with.

Thndr Custody

  • Send us an email with all documents from the checklist attached
  • We will unbook the shares. Shares can then be transferred or sold through your chosen brokerage.

AUB Custody

  • Head to a branch of AUB with all documents from the checklist and the MCDR account statement
  • AUB will unbook the shares and using your chosen broker you can transfer the shares to your account or sell them.

Fund certificates: 

  • Head to the asset manager with all documents from the checklist and the MCDR account statement
  • The asset manager will arrange the transfer or sale of certificates

Once you notify us, the Thndr team will reach out to guide and coordinate the process.


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