My Account Opening Form is Rejected

Farah Diab
Modified on: Mon, 17 Jul, 2023 at 1:34 PM


Here are some of the reasons why your account opening form may have been rejected. 

Rejection Reason

How can I fix it?

Unclear image

If the image quality is low, or there is a glare on the image, we might have an issue using this document to register you with the EGX.

Please retry taking a clearer photo & resubmit your documents. 

Duplicate user

You might already have an account with Thndr. Reach out to the support team if this is the rejection reason you see so we can help redirect you to your account. 

If your documents have been rejected because of any of the below reasons & you have already transferred money to Thndr:

  • Please reach out to our support team through the app
  • We will help you get your money transferred back to you

Rejection Reason

How can I fix it?

You’re under 18 years old

We’re sorry! You need to be over 18 to open your Thndr account. 

I don’t have a valid Egyptian ID & I live in Egypt

If you’re an Egyptian national living in Egypt, you must have a valid Egyptian ID to open your investment account.

My ID is expired

You need to have a valid ID to open your investment account. Please renew your ID & then resubmit your form.

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